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Effects of TMJ

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
Effects of TMJFrequent clenching and grinding your teeth for a long can result in TMJ disorders as the jaw bones experience extreme pressure. You may feel pain and discomfort, especially when eating. As much as TMJ disorders have chronic symptoms, the long-term impacts are significant.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Discomfort

Your jawbone is the most affected part by TMJ disorder; however, as the disease becomes severe, it shifts the pain and discomfort conditions to their body parts. Fatigue in the jawbone soon moves to the vertebrae resulting in painful events on the neck and shoulders. The net result is the overall body joints fatigue and pain.

Hearing Damage

Your jaw interconnects the skull to the ear canal; hence infection in the gums means detrimental implications to the ear muscles. Over time the severity of TMJ disorders may impact the standard conditions of the sensitive ear muscles resulting in tinnitus and other ear infections, hence hearing loss. We, therefore, encourage early examination on medical treatment of TMJ disorders to avoid its effects on other body organs such as the ear.

Migraine Headaches

Severe TMJ disorders have detrimental impacts on your everyday life. Experts link TMJ disorders with severe migraine headaches due to the pressure exerted on the jaw bones. The connecting joints between the skull and the jaw soon become unaligned, leading to fatigue in other body muscles such as the face, neck, and jaw. Consequently, the body reacts to such fatigue leading to persistent or chronic headaches.

Our practice has experienced dentists in matters of TMJ disorders. We deliver timely and quality examinations as well as treatments. If you experience TMJ disorder signs and symptoms, please visit our medical centers for early intervention and to prevent further complications that might deter you from great life opportunities. Call us today and book an appointment with our team of professionals.

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