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Tooth loss can be hard on the individual experiencing it. It can have serious physical ramifications that can become bothersome to the individual. It changes the way one eats, the way one speaks, and it changes noticeably how one looks. Not only does tooth loss have an effect on the individual, but it also complicates how teeth are cleaned and aligned following a vacancy. Regardless of how tooth loss may affect one, treatment exists to obtain that ideal and healthy smile one deserves. Here at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence, we can help make that smile happen.

What are Dentures, and When are They Necessary?

Dentures are, in simplest terms, a type of tooth replacement for any missing teeth. They are characterized by their ability to be conveniently removed. They contain a gum-like base that covers your gums, and have appropriate shapes depending if they will be placed on the upper or lower row of teeth.

Dentures are a form of restorative dentistry, but also dual purpose as cosmetic dentistry at the same time. Any time several teeth are missing or need to be removed, dental bridges can be applied. Dental bridges are dentures, but can have a full row of teeth be replaced, or can contain only one or a few teeth being replaced. Dentures are necessary for any set of teeth replacements or whenever there are several missing teeth.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are artificial teeth used to correct bite and replace missing teeth. They work by creating a bridge between teeth. The way this works is by creating abutment teeth. Abutment teeth are teeth that have been worn down to shaped contact points on either side of a missing tooth. A bridge of teeth is placed over the abutment teeth, completing the partial ends, and filling the vacant tooth with an artificial tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are different from dental bridges. Dental bridges require abutment teeth, and need to be partially worn down in order to place a bridge over it. Implants are surgically implanted into the roots and jawbone, replacing a tooth in its full structure. These are more complicated procedures, but are durable solutions that do not require further altering of neighboring teeth.

Who Qualifies for What?

Anyone with missing teeth can qualify for either procedure. The only complications are pricing and potential decay. If bone grafting is necessary, the process for dental implants may take longer. Dental bridges by nature are quicker completed and applied. Dental bridges are also more affordable by nature, and as such are a popular option. Both dental implants and dental bridges are options for anyone with missing teeth. What it comes down to, ultimately, is a matter of patience and preference.

Missing teeth can mark a significant point in the life of an individual. What results from missing teeth is a diminished sense of confidence, and an onset of complications. Speaking, smiling, cleaning, and eating becomes a complication on top of having the general discomforts and pains of having a vacant spot. Thankfully, there are solutions available to those afflicted with tooth loss. You deserve your ideal smile, and a healthy bite. Here at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence we are proud to assist you in that journey. Contact our office with confidence today at with any questions you may have.

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