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ResMed Narval CC

Sleep Apnea Device Narval CC ModelThere are many treatments for sleep apnea, but mandibular repositioning devices have shown to be the most comfortable for patients and just as effective as more invasive therapies, such as CPAP. ResMed Narval CC is among the mandibular repositioning devices that we use at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence.

The Benefits of Narval CC

•  Uses computer aided design to fully customize the appliance to each patient's mouth
•  Uses computer aided manufacturing to create an industrial strength product
•  Easily adjusted to meet the needs of each patient
•  Very comfortable to wear
•  Does not interfere with dental hygiene
•  Does not irritate tissues
•  Very lightweight and thin, making it easy to wear

The comfortable nature of ResMed Narval CC makes it an appliance that is likely to be worn much more often than other treatment methods. Most patients do not feel any different while wearing the appliance, making it very easy to get to sleep each night without discomfort or irritation. This makes these patients much more likely to wear the appliance more frequently and for a longer period of time than any other method of treatment for sleep apnea.

The Difference

The major difference with the Narval CC is the position that it puts the jaw into in order to treat sleep apnea. It does not push the jaw, but rather retains it in the appropriate position to decrease the likelihood of an obstruction while sleeping. In addition, the connecting rods in the appliance are easily adjusted, which makes it possible for our dentists to make simple adjustments right in the office to make our patients as comfortable as possible. This successful appliance also rests on the most solid teeth that are able to withstand mild pressure, which decreases any pain and discomfort that patients may feel.

The Benefits of Customization

Every mouth is different and that is recognized by the creators of Narval CC. Treating sleep apnea is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each patient has different needs which make it necessary to have customized solutions to ensure that each patient wears their oral appliance on a daily basis. Narvel CC needs to be worn all night, which is why Narval CC is comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear. In order for the treatment to be successful, the appliance should be fitted to your mouth for maximum efficiency.

Sleep is a very important part of your life. Without enough sleep, you could suffer from obesity and various illnesses that could affect you for the rest of your life. This fact alone makes it important to find the oral appliance therapy that is the most comfortable for you. When you suffer from sleep apnea, it is difficult enough to get good rest at night. If you are wearing an appliance that was not customized to your mouth, chances are it will be uncomfortable and not do its job effectively. Talk to our professional dentists today about the likelihood of the Narvel CC appliance therapy working for you, helping you to get the good rest that you need each and every night.

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ResMed Narval CC | Dentist Asheboro, NC | Randolph Center for Dental Excellence
ResMed Narval CC is among the mandibular repositioning devices that we use at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence in order to treat sleep apnea. Learn more here!
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